GTA Vice City combines a character-driven narrative with non-linear gameplay to give players the best and most realistic gaming experience. It is a part of the Grand Theft Auto games series based on the fictional Miami Vice City in the 1980s.

This fictional Vice City is a vast urban sprawl that ranges from the beaches to the glitz and the ghetto. It is the most complete, alive, and diverse digital city ever created.

You control the main character, to complete missions and take over the city whichever way you choose to. Tommy is a notorious drug dealer and villain who just finished his prison sentence. He then sets out to take over the city against all the odds.

GTA Vice City is a single-player game played from a third-person perspective. The game has an open-world design that allows the player to roam Vice City freely.

The game plot is based on several events and real people in Miami. The Haitians, Cubans, biker gangs, the drug lords, dominance of glam metal, and the 1980s crack pandemic.

GTA Vice City was also influenced by popular films and television shows from the era, including Miami Vice, Carlito’s Way, and Scarface.